Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fashion fair

Hello there,

since I have been a bit addicted to throwbacking lately (check my instagram to know what I mean), I guess it's okay if I post some pictures from a fashion fair which I visited couple weeks ago. Actually, there were several fairs (health, wedding and so on) at the same time and the whole thing was called "I love me" but I was there mostly for fashion and beauty inspiration.

The event included couple fashion shows and then bags of people trying to sell everything from yoga pants to teeth whitening. I managed to control my shoppaholism this time, so I only bought couple nail polishes and lashes, although I did got a mascara and a shaver for free. Lucky me. We (me and my friend) were also lucky enough to get into this makeover thing without too much of queueing, when others standed there for hours. I also got to try extensions which was pretty weird since I have always had short hair. Anyways, the best part of the whole event was (of course) when I had this little girl moment after I saw Mert Otsamo (finnish fashion desinger, the best). Giggling, screaming and stuff. Priceless.

Now time for the pics! I apologize for the poor quality of the photos but all the blame goes to my camera which seems to have a depression and is done with its crappy life. Fortunately, my phone is in a better shape so I was able to take atleast couple postable pics. The camera problem is also why there aren't too many photos but I hope these few will satisfy your hunger.

Senna Vodzogbe ©


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  2. Lovely! Really like the pink ball gown :)

    xoxo Gozika

    1. It was gorgeous! Shame that I didn't get better picture of it :/