Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Favorites

1. Golden is the key word when it comes to my jewelry preference. It just looks so good with everything and makes my skin look better! Nowadays, I don't use too much of showy necklaces and stuff but I really like to use some little things like ear cuffs to spice up my outfits.

2. I found a very beautiful toilet bag from H&M that has a Gatsby styled golden pattern on it. It was way too cool to be hidden in the toilet closet forever, so I decided to test if it could be used as a purse too. Well, it looked gorgeous and no one could tell it was actually a toilet bag. Perfect!

3. I have kind of fall for the style of the 80's (I'll tell more about this later) and my red waist belt is just like stolen from that lovely decade of the LSD colors! It looks damn good with jersey dresses.

4. I'm so in love with this H&M skirt! It's so girly, beautiful and the floral pattern is just perfect for spring. I just want wear it everyday!!

5. I have a bad habit of forgetting old bags when I buy a new one, that's why I haven't been using this patent leather bag for ages, but now that I found it, I just can't keep my hands of it. It's so classy and modern!

6. Now that spring has arrived, it is time to burn your dark depressing clothes and find some colors to lift up your mood to the happy mode. That's exactly why I picked up this wild red blouse couple weeks ago. The fabric is very light so it will be just fine for the summer too!

7. Pastels are the colors of spring! I've been using mostly coral and mint tones on eyes and peach on lips and cheeks, they give a fresh and natural look for the sunny days. In addition, I have been wearing several layers of mascara since I am bit of a fan of long lashes right now. And to have a little party everyday, I used some lilac glitter on my nails. (And yes, I know... The nail post that I've been talking about for ages... It is seriously coming soon! Sorry...)

8. I think Clubmasters are the sunglasses of the coming summer, or at least they should be because they are just so freakingly cool that I want to wear them even when it's dark outside! I have always loved classic frames and Clubmasters are just perfect!

9. Like I have(n't) told you, I actually have afro curls so I have to use straightener everyday to keep it like this and to keep my hair from falling out of my head, I use this amazing oil thing. It moisturizes and makes my hair shiny and healthy looking. I definitely recommend it.

10. To keep my golden line on clothing, I have also used a pair of golden heels! They make any outfit look glamorous and ready for partyin'. Love them!

-Senna Vodzogbe


  1. In love with your blog your post are all so good!
    I love those gold pumps, gorgeous!

  2. I am so jealous of everyone who can wear gold. My complexion looks so washed out with gold tones, so I have to minimize the amount that I wear. Beautiful post!

  3. Love the red shirt :)