Monday, October 6, 2014

September Favorites

1. I bought a dark blue denim jacket for my mom from a second hand store with amazing price: one euro! She liked it but I ended up liking it more and since she doesn't wear it anymore due to the cold ("It's already Autumn, I can't walk around half naked, for god sake!") I took it into my loving closet. I don't normally use denim on denim but the jacket is much darker/lighter than my jeans so I don't look like I had escaped from the 90's if I wear them together. The tone of it is also a perfect match with my wine red accessorize which I happen to have quite plenty right now (I even have a wine red tone in my hair!).

2. Yes, I am short. And yes, I sometimes buy my clothes from the children section. That being said, I bought these patterned jersey leggings from H&M while upset parents were staring at me and trying to cover their kids' eyes. Not quite, but still, some people think it's weird to buy clothes from there since I'm adult but hey, most of them are just the same as in adult section, just a little cheaper and if the sizes fit for me (the biggest was actually too big...), why not!

3. In Autumn time, nothing is better than a white sweater (rhyme!). This cutie is one of my purchases from the shopping paradise of Amsterdam, more specifically, from a store named "Pimkie". I was totally in love with it until I had this little accident with our washing machine (not my fault, I swear) and now its a bit... how should I put it... floppy. But it's warm and definitely relaxed, so it's perfect for the chilly mornings.

4. Some of you may have seen this already in my Autumn haul and like I said then, it's one of my favorites right now. I have been wearing it everyday! So comfy and easy to mix and match with almost everything in my closet.

5. This is my 6th jersey skirt from the H&M's Basics collection... Seriously, I should go to see a doctor about this addiction to that Swedish heaven. Anyhow, the style of these pencil skirts is just like made for me and it is in so many different colors and patterns that I bet that this one won't be the last one to end up into my shopping bag.

6. Since I haven't been able to use my hair extension (yep, my hair didn't just grow overnight) lately because of the school (they are a "pequeño problema" when doing acrobatics etc...), I had to come up with some new hairstyles that are quick to make but look good on my short hair. I ended up curling my hair in different ways with my flat iron and I found pretty cool styles! I have always been flat-iron-lover but this month it has saved me oh-so-many times from a bad hair day. Loving it!

7. Like I said, I have been looking for round mirrored sunglasses and then I finally stumbled upon this cool pair on eBay. The color was supposed to be green but in real life they are more of a yellow, but I adore them anyway. I might order another pair in blue but not sure since the sun doesn't really shine in here now that the winter is coming.

8. Just like the scarf, I already mentioned these Chelsea boots in my Autumn haul, but they have been so perfect that they are worth of a second mention. Definitely the shoes of the month!

9. I'm a bit shamed to admit this but I have a little crush on this store called "Tokmanni"... and I think it likes me too! It's very kind and it makes me smile, it gave me some presents already: extremely cheap nail polishes! I love them, they are just the right colors for the Autumn: copper and violet! They look perfect when mixing together. If it keeps giving these presents, I bet our relationship will last for long!




  1. I wish I could find a denim jacket that dark, it really looks more dressy than the lighter denim.

  2. I love those polishes and that denim skirt! Everything you've featured here is so incredibly perfect for autumn. :)

    Jenn - &

  3. the jumper and skirt are just perfect! will invest in some
    great post :) xxx

  4. i shop in the kids section too! New look kids section is my fave :) xx

  5. nice outfits! cant wait you wear them!

  6. Great picks! Love the polka dot skirt and boots :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  7. I love the sweater! And that legging, ah the pattern is too lovely!! <3 <3 I think it's cool also that the sweater can be paired with the legging only, we can still looked fashionable