Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hello, it's me...

Hello, it's me...

I took these photos a couple of months ago with some amazing post ideas in my mind. Well, the seasons changed, the 3rd birthday of my blog went by, and those oh-so-amazing post ideas disappeared into thin air... just like all of my free time seems to do nowadays.

The reason why I have been so tied up since summer, is that I'm back in school, studying acting. And when it comes to acting, I have to have my whole head in the game to make real progress and to get absolutely everything out of this one-year course. Due to this, I haven't had enough time for fashion and blogging, which has bothered me deeply.

 However, now the worst rush of this semester starts to fade away, so I will be able to post more often! I have also come to the conclusion that it would be cool to give some glimpses of this school year, since we have so exciting things going on almost every week. For example, I have plenty of awesome pics from our 1920s short film shooting to share with you guys!

Let me know what you think about this ! Will it be a total disaster to mix fashion and acting together or would you be interested to here more about my studies? Simply: YAY or NAY? :)


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